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Ashfield Healthcare Communications' Stephanie Tortell and Andrew Binns are featured in an article by PM360 titled 'Healthcare Hackathons: Winning at Healthcare Comms'.

Here’s an excerpt from the original publication – click here to view the full article.

The beauty of hackathons is they bring together people with a whole range of skill sets to collaborate in solving a specific challenge. The timeframe for hackathons is often one to two days so agile, efficient, focused thinking is needed to ensure tangible outcomes are delivered. This fast-paced ethos is challenging, tiring, and mentally draining.

Getting inspired

So, what made us even begin to contemplate organizing and partaking in a hackathon? It all began over a coffee. A cup of coffee with one of our healthcare clients in which a discussion took place about how to collaborate to meet a number of challenges efficiently and cost effectively. The perfect scenario for a hackathon.

Very quickly the idea of a hackathon became a reality. Logistics were planned, staff were recruited and the challenges defined. The agency/client hackathon was created, and we named it Kollider, the perfect term for what happens when great minds come together.

Click here to read the rest of the article originally published by PM360. 

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