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At Ashfield, our colleagues are critical to the success of our contact centre, which is why providing a working environment that is both fun and challenging is so important to us.

We know that a healthy and engaging working space helps to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience, while allowing employees to develop and expand their own skills and expertise. As a consequence, our contact centre continues to produce outstanding results year-in, year-out.

Our working environment

Ashfield contact centre services

We want to create an environment that not only makes people want to come to work, but that drives productivity when they are here.

Our purpose-built contact centres have been designed with both our team and customers in mind, providing a perfect environment for professionalism and creativity, keeping the Ashfield culture at the centre of everything we do.

Ashfield offices include a number of features to remove any perception of it being a call centre environment, whichever end of the phone you’re at.  We have bright, colourful open spaces with specially designed noise cancelling carpets, wall mountings and dividers to ensure background noise is kept to a minimum.

In addition, our bright and interesting break out areas provide the perfect space for employees to remove themselves from their desk and hold meetings, refresh their minds and take a break from the norm so that staff continue to feel focused on delivering positive sales results.

Ashfield contact centre services

Consistent support

Our staff are always offered help and support, from managers and colleagues. This support enables us all to flourish, and creates a collaborative and creative environment that allows staff to grow into their roles and potentially develop themselves towards future roles.

As a relatively new and dynamic part of the industry, the sharing of best practice is a pivotal aspect of our success and is a key support mechanism. Our employees are actively encouraged to share their sales experiences with colleagues, and our managers are on hand to answer questions and share their own learnings.

Looking to the future

People are critical to our success, and that’s always been the case at Ashfield. Therefore, our people are front and centre in our plans for the business, and we ensure that everyone is given ample opportunity to develop their own skills and further their careers with us.

We love to reward employees who continually strive to develop by moving them in to new roles, thus creating a career pathway for even the most ambitious and driven individuals. Staff are encouraged to aim high and look for progression in their careers, not just in the contact centre, but elsewhere within the Ashfield business.

We have implemented a detailed personal development plan which is reviewed between employee and manager at regular intervals, while our in-house training department ensures that our staff have access to the best training possible, both to aid their current role and potentially enhance their career in the wider Ashfield landscape.

Our commitment to a positive working environment and the trust we have in our people has maintained the growth of our contact centre. It continually delivers results and creates a fantastic place to work. Don’t just take our word for it, here are some comments from current employees within our UK contact centre.


If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Ashfield’s Contact Centre services, please contact Karen Bell on +44 7823 535956 or email Karen Bell. For any job enquiries, please visit our careers website.

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