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There are lots of reasons why you may have a territory left uncovered or inadequately covered by field representatives alone. It could be access challenges, reductions in headcount for a mature brand or simply customer preference. But whatever the reason, each day your brand will gradually loses awareness in that region with that customer group.

In today’s tough competitive landscape, use remote sales to hold your ground

In today’s multichannel landscape, more and more companies are seeing the benefits of using e-calling channels as a viable way to represent their brand across various selling scenarios.

How does it work?

Representatives – known as e-detailers – are based at a dedicated contact centre and speak to healthcare professionals (HCPs) over the phone and via online platforms, such as WebEx.

These e-detailers are highly trained, knowledgeable and customer-service-focused salespeople who just happen to use the phone or internet, rather than face-to-face meetings, to sell to HCPs.

Remote e-detailing is an ideal way to engage with customers who are difficult to reach for whatever reason.


Let’s look at some of the benefits…


An affordable option

Remote e-detailing is an alternative, cost-effective channel to drive awareness and ultimately increase sales. You create the opportunity to engage with customers who perhaps wouldn’t normally interact with sales representatives by offering them alternative channels such as telephone and email.


Fill the gaps and keep out the competition

Why risk losing your momentum by leaving an opening for a competitor to take advantage? An e-detailer can quickly take over to cover designated deciles and keep your brand safe.


Optimise portfolio management across the product lifecycle

Contact centres can work across all brands and all stages of the product lifecycle. For example, brands shift position as they mature and it can become too costly to maintain field coverage in all areas or across all channels. There’s no reason to walk away from that brand when an e-detailer can maintain the level of coverage needed in a cost-effective way.


Additional coverage for a product launch

Sometimes a launch requires more than a field force can handle. Or perhaps a small field team has too many channels to properly expose the benefits of a brand. Maybe a product launch is not going as successfully as envisioned. In these scenarios, contact centre eDetailers can fill the gap.

With e-detailers, you also have the added benefit of being able to access a wide range of customers over primary care, secondary care and medicines management – just one person can implement different strategies and tactics at completely different ends of the country.


Field reps play an incredibly important role when it comes to sales, but in today’s challenging and multichannel market place, eDetailers can provide a valuable and flexible part of the promotional mix.

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