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World Blood Day 2018

World Blood Donor Day aims to celebrate and thank voluntary blood donors worldwide who selflessly donate their blood to those who need it most. Blood transfusions are used in many instances such as cardiovascular surgery, massive trauma, childbirth, and transplant surgery. This day also raises awareness for the need of regular blood donations as many people would not be alive today if donors had not generously given their blood.

This year, the day is about the action of solidarity. It highlights human values of respect, empathy and kindness, which underline and sustain voluntary unpaid blood donation systems.

Since the launch of the ‘We Love Giving Blood’ campaign 1 year ago today, employees from across the Ashfield division have done a fantastic job of donating more than 100 pints of blood so far. As 1 pint of blood has the potential to save 3 lives, this means that our volunteers have saved over 300 lives in total so far which is a huge achievement – some have even signed up to be organ donors!

No matter where you are in the world, blood will always be needed to carry on saving countless lives every day, so if you are fit and healthy and of the correct age to donate blood in your local area, then please check with your local blood bank and register to be a donor today.

Save a life. Give blood.

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